Opening song of the soundtrack to the Ray Davies' written and directed 1985 film Return To Waterloo. Financed by Channel Four Television and made for TV the film enjoyed a brief theatrical release. Notable for providing an early role for Tim Roth and a cameo by Davies as 'The Busker', the film explores Davies' theme of loneliness and urban angst, told through music and imagery instead of dialogue. Made during a time of intense conflict within The Kinks, (Dave Davies and original drummer Mick Avory were fighting), this is the last album Avory appears on. Dave Davies is not credited though many of the songs were released in near identical format on The Kinks LP Word Of Mouth. Since Return To Waterloo Ray has released 3 other solo LPs, an autobiography, a collection of short stories and another film, Weird Nightmare, a documentary about Charles Mingus.
The only full length release from the 4AD label band, this self-titled LP featured vocals by Lorita Grahame who had previously released one single and sung in church choirs in her native Leicester. Their other notable recordings include The Official Colourbox World Cup Theme in 1986 and Pump Up The Volume, a 1987 collaboration between Coloubox and fellow 4AD label mates AR Kane, released under the name M/A/R/R/S and consisting mostly of sampled music and scratching. Pump Up The Volume, (or at least its' re-mixed, re-release), became a dance club hit in the UK and the US. The litigation that ensued from the sampled music's owners proved to be the death-knell for the band.
Cocteau Twins were formed in Grangemouth, Scotland in 1979 by Robin Guthrie (guitar) and Will Heggie (bass). They spotted 17 year-old Elizabeth Fraser dancing in a club one night and in 1981 she joined the band as vocalist, though she had never considered herself a singer. Named after a song by fellow Scotsmen Johnny and The Self Abusers (later Simple Minds), they sent some demos to 4AD records who signed them and released their first LP, Garlands in 1982. Notable for Heggie's chugging bass, Guthrie's minimalist guitar and Fraser's etheral vocals and mostly incomprehensible lyrics, (described by some as 'glosalalia'), the album - championed by BBC Radio 1's John Peel, became an Indy hit. Heggie left in 1982 and the band's second LP Head Over Heels relied solely on Guthrie's guitar and Fraser's vocals, who were by now a couple. Though radically different from its' predecessor, Head Over Heels was equally popular. In 1983 the band participated in the 4AD project This Mortal Coil where they met Simon Raymonde who joined the band and played bass on all subsequent recordings with the exception of Victorialand, 1986, a predominantly acoustic collaboration between Guthrie and Fraser. In 1990, the band left 4AD records due to conflicts with founder Ivo Watts-Russell, and almost disbanded due to to Guthrie's heavy alcohol and drug use. They were accused of selling out on their seventh LP Four Calendar Cafe, due mostly to Fraser's unusually comprehensible lyrics. Despite a stay in re-hab by Guthrie, a period of psychotherapy undergone by Fraser and the birth of their first child, the couple - and the band, broke up in 1997, after releasing an eighth and final album, Milk And Kisses. All 3 former members record separately and work with other bands. Despite plans and rumours they have never officially re-united though they have been releasing new material through podcasts since 2007
Son of a Jewish father and a Mohawk mother, Robertson first encountered live music at Six Nations Of The Grand River reservation, his mothers' girlhood home. His cousin taught him guitar at an early age and by fifteen he was performing in Toronto bands, including Little Caesar And The Consuls. He toured with Ronnie Hawkins and The Hawks from 1960 - 1963 and with Bob Dylan on his controversial Electric tours of 1965 and 1966. Dylan called Robertson : "The only mathematical guitar genius I've run into who doesn't offend my intestinal nervousness with his rearguard sound", (a quote never attributed to Allen Ginsberg). Robertson formed and played with The Band from 1967 'till 1976. Though he sang very little he was the groups principle song writer and guitar player and became the bands' de facto leader. On Thanksgiving Day, Novemer 25, 1976, The Band performed its' Last Waltz at Bill Graham's Winterland Ballroom in SanFrancisco, the site of their debut in 1967. Featuring appearances by Ronnie Hawkins, Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Neil Diamond, Paul Butterfield, Joni Mitchell and a gloriously inebriated Neil Young (a glob of cocaine hanging from his nose had to be Rotoscoped out in editing the concert film), the bands' retirement was filmed by Martin Scorcese (and some of the finest cinematogrophers in Hollywood including Laslo Kovacs and Vilmos Zigmund). This was the beginning of a collaboration between Robertson and Scorcese that led to Robertson's composing the film score to Raging Bull and working on the scores of King Of Comedy, The Color Of Money, Casino and The Departed and acting as executive musical director on Gangs Of New York. In 1987 Robertson released a self-titled album featuring contributions from Peter Gabriel, U2 and BoDeans on several tracks. In 1991 he released Storyville, named after the famed Jazz section of New Orleans and contributed a song (Breakin' The Rules), to Wim Wenders' film, Until The End Of The World. Music For The Native Americans was recorded as a soundtrack to the Turner documentary The Native Americans, 1994. The song Mahk Jchi features the Native American women's a cappella group Ulali who have toured extensively, released a video, won several Juno awards, recorded with Indigo Girls and contributed to the soundtrack of the film Smoke Signals. Robertson has released one other album of Native American music: Contact From The Underworld Of Redboy. Ulali's web-site is currently under construction but their MySpace page offers several new songs, lists one album plus the soundtrack to Smoke Signals while iTunes carries a few of their songs on compilation CDs
Everything But The Girl are Ben Watt and Tracey Thorn. Married and with three children, they met at The University of Hull. Coincidentally, they both had recording contracts with Cherry Red Records, Ben as a solo artist and Tracey with Marine Girls. They each released separate, successful recordings with Cherry Red, and as a duo before signing as Everything But The Girl with Blanco y Negro. Their name comes from the slogan of a local furniture shop (it is also a line in the 1937 film: 'Daughter Of Shanghai'. There is a science fiction novel by John D. MacDonald: 'The Girl, The Gold Watch and Everything'). Their first single was a version of Cole Porter's 'Night and Day' on a Cherry Red compilation record that also included songs from The Monochrome Set, Thomas Leer, Eyeless In Gaza and a spoken word recording from Quintin Crisp. Their first LP was released as 'Eden' in the U.K., 'Everything But The Girl' in the U.S. (half the songs were from 'Eden', half were earlier recordings, more acousic rock, less syntho-pop than 'Eden'). They have had a wildly eclectic career, following 'Eden' with the pure pop of 'Love Not Money', then 'Baby The Stars Shine Bright', a self-produced album of pop songs with full orchestral accompaniment. 'Idlewild' was next, a more MOR offering. then 'The Language Of Love', featuring the single 'Driving' which was later re-mixed and re-released as a dance record, becoming a staple of the ecstacy fueled Rave movement in London and Manchester, as did the song 'Missing' from their next LP: 'Amplified Heart'. 'Walking Wounded' and 'Temperamental' were increasingly electronic and featured Ben Watt's mixing abilities, something he was pursuing with projects outside the band, producing other bands and Watt continues to produce, has his own record label (Buzzin Fly) and runs a club night with DJ partner Jay Hannan. He is fully recovered from the near-fatal bout of Churg-Strauss syndrome he contracted in 1992. Tracey Thorn released her first solo LP: 'Out Of The Woods' last year. Most of their albums are available at, a good sampling - with the notable exception of this album - are on iTUNES. Visit the bands' web-site at: