Opening song of the soundtrack to the Ray Davies' written and directed 1985 film Return To Waterloo. Financed by Channel Four Television and made for TV the film enjoyed a brief theatrical release. Notable for providing an early role for Tim Roth and a cameo by Davies as 'The Busker', the film explores Davies' theme of loneliness and urban angst, told through music and imagery instead of dialogue. Made during a time of intense conflict within The Kinks, (Dave Davies and original drummer Mick Avory were fighting), this is the last album Avory appears on. Dave Davies is not credited though many of the songs were released in near identical format on The Kinks LP Word Of Mouth. Since Return To Waterloo Ray has released 3 other solo LPs, an autobiography, a collection of short stories and another film, Weird Nightmare, a documentary about Charles Mingus.